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DIY Starter Kit

£35.99 £29.99

The ultimate vegan alternative advent calendar!

Order before 27th November and we’ll send you your kit ready for you to start on the 1st December. By Christmas you can have your own handmade camembert or blue cheese 🧀

Each day we’ll email you your instructions until they’re ready 😅

Make the finest artisan vegan cheese for only £2.79 per cheese!

This kit contains everything you require to make 10 cheeses – either plain, camembert or blue. No having to skip out to the shop in the rain to pick up a last minute item.

You will need a blender, food processor or hand blender though. A pestle & mortar could do the job if you are feeling strong and patient but the others are better 😉

A great holiday project or – if you start on the 1st December – you can have these for Christmas!

Make your own Mould Ripened Camembert Syle and Blue!

More pictures to Follow

Kit contains enough ingredients for 10 cheeses:

Instruction leaflet

1kg cashews

Lactic Acid Bacteria

Blue & Camembert Penicillium

100g coconut oil

muslin cloths

drainage mat

moulding ring

parchment sheets

wrapping sheets




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