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The first 100 orders will receive a surprise free gift – tbc – it may be a free sample, some vegan caviar, chutney for your cheeseboard or a maybe even a mini burrata… 🤔💡 We are always trying new things here at MF so could be a sample of our latest prototype or just something delicious for your cheese platter.

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Camembert Style: Our signature cheese, with a creamy centre and authentic white rind. (Freezing not recommended – will last 2-3 weeks in fridge)

Camblue: A camembert/ blue hybrid with a mild blue centre and white rind. (Freezing not recommended – will last 2-3 weeks in fridge)

True Blue: Fully blue, creamy tasting. Will get stronger and grow more blue mould as it ages. (Suitable for freezing)

Beer-washed rind: Similar to camembert, but wrapped in a spruce strap and washed with gluten free beer during the ageing process. The result is a subtly smoky and extra rich variation on the camembert. (Freezing not recommended – will last 2-3 weeks in fridge)

Aged Classic: The firmest and closest to cheddar. Aged for a minimum of 3 weeks (although can be up to 2 months) to develop a rich umami flavour. Waxed to seal in flavour.  (Suitable for freezing)

Apricolina: Tangy, but subtly fruity with an apricot pickle centre. Perfect if you remembered the cheeses but forgot the condiments! (Suitable for freezing)

Vegan Gold Butter: You can’t tell how good this is from the pictures, you just have to try it! It’s just so buttery and delicious. (Suitable for freezing). Also – Christmas tip – let it warm up a little to room temperature, then mash in some brandy and icing sugar 👌!


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