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Beer Washed/ Spruce Wrapped


Tastes like a walk in a pristine Norwegian forest.
Lightly washed with beer and wrapped with spruce bark which imparts a fragrant earthiness throughout.

* Spruce wraps sometimes attract an edible blue mould which is exactly the same as you will find in our Camblue cheese. It is a roqueforti mould and part of the cheesemaking process.

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Cashew based, washed with beer and wrapped in spruce bark.


organic cashews, organic fairtrade coconut oil, water, salt, cultures, organic beer.


Contains CASHEWS (nuts)
Contains GLUTEN (from beer wash)

Shelf life

Approx 2 weeks


Beer-washed rind is wrapped in a PLA compostable wrap that can be disposed of with other organic waste.

Min net weight


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