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Mouse’s Favourite is the culmination of around 5 years of experimentation with cultured nut cheeses.

Becoming vegan ten years ago led me to discover new foods and techniques that I would likely never have come across otherwise and cultured foods was one of the most exciting for me.

Even as a vegan, I still feel a nostalgia for the rustic beauty of traditional dairy cheese and have tried to capture that with our vegan versions. A classic cheeseboard and trimmings – glass of wine, fresh, crusty bread, a spoonful of chutney – is more than just a food, it’s part of a familiar ritual that I want people to still be able to enjoy.

At the same time we’re in the pioneering era of vegan cheese and it’s truly exciting to be able to contribute to the creation of something entirely new. My aim is to balance the best parts of tradition with the foods and philosophies of the future

– Gabrielle Le Cocq – Founder


Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products vegan?

100%. All our products are made in a totally vegan premises.

Are your products organic?

Yes, all the cashews and almonds we use are organic. All the other ingredients are organic where possible – for example cider or coconut oil (we only use high quality steamed coconut oil rather than the cheaper industrially refined oil). The only non-organic ingredients we use are ones that you can’t source in an organic form – for example salt, seaweed, ground porcini and vegan cultures.

Are your products raw?

We do not claim that these cheeses are raw as usually cashews are heat processed to remove the nut from the shell. That said, our process for camembert style, cider washed rind, aged dulse and cream cheese does not involve heat above 105º Fahrenheit/ 40º Celcius.

Are your products probiotic?

We use lactic acid bacteria cultures in our cheese, but these are not necessarily probiotic. We would rather recommend eating our cheeses simply for pleasure and accompanying them with a spoonful of unpasteurised pickles or sauerkraut to fulfil your probiotic needs.

Where are your nuts from?

The cashews are from Vietnam or India and the almonds are from Spain.

Does your cheese melt?

No. Although the cheeses get a bit softer when warm, they are designed to eat as they are – on crackers, sandwiches, on top of salads, added to soups or pasta or pizza at the end. The cream cheese could be stirred into a pasta sauce at the final stages of cooking, or combined with baked or mashed potato.

Can I bake the camembert?

The result won’t be like a dairy camembert where it becomes melted and stretchy and oozes out from under the rind, but it is quite a nice way to serve it. We are working on one that will be specifically to bake but it’s not quite there yet.

How should I store my cheese?

Please keep the cheese refrigerated below 5ºc.

Camembert Style, Camblue, Valencay style: Best stored loosely wrapped in the refrigerator. It will become stronger in flavour over time.

Cider Washed Rind, Aged Dulse and butter: once opened best to use within a week, or cut some off and save it in the freezer.

Can I freeze it?

Cider Washed Rind, Aged Dulse and butter freeze well. Please allow to defrost gradually in the fridge. The cream cheeses can also be frozen but may need to be stirred once defrosted.

Will it age?

Not exactly. After a certain point, if stored unwrapped in the fridge, the cheese will become harder and develop a thicker rind, however it will also slowly lose its flavour.

Can I eat your cheese if I have a nut allergy?

No, all of our cheeses are made from cashews and almonds. The kitchen also handles other types of nuts from time to time.

Can I eat your cheese if I am coeliac?

None of the ingredients in our cheeses contain gluten. Currently our kitchen is not used to manufacture any products that contain gluten.

I kept the cheese until after its best before date and there’s some mould on it. Is the cheese still OK to eat if I cut it off?

It is similar to dairy cheese in that it is OK to cut around the mouldy spot and eat the remainder. However, beyond a certain point there isn’t much benefit to keeping a cheese for a long time as it does not really ‘age’ and it will lose its flavour over time.

We endeavour to make sure the cheeses are in perfect condition when we dispatch them. However there are a myriad of variable circumstances that may result in changes to the cheese, either during manufacture, transit or storage. If you are unsatisfied in any way with your cheese please do let us know so that we can rectify the situation as we want you to be happy with your purchase.

Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

We do our best and always try to improve. Currently we use cardboard boxes which are biodegradable or recyclable and where possible we wrap the cheese in PLA wrap which is compostable. Because all the ingredients are natural with no preservatives, sometimes we need to vacuum pack the cheese or butter and we have yet to find an alternative for this. If you know of a biodegradable vacuum bag source please let us know as we have searched extensively.

Can I buy Mouse’s Favourite online?

We hope to have an online shop soon. If you would like to be kept informed about this, please email us so that we can add you to our mailing list. In the meantime, you can purchase most of our products at greenbaysupermarket.co.uk.

Where are you located?

We are now based in Chalk Farm/Kentish Town. However we don’t have a shopfront premises – if you would like to buy our cheese please check our store locator page or our events page to see if we have any festivals or markets lined up near you.

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