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Officially opening in 2016, Mouse’s Favourite was years of experimentation in the making.

Gabrielle Le Cocq,

Growing up in Jersey, famous for its pretty cows and their creamy milk, I understand that the appeal of dairy is more than just a taste people crave. A classic cheeseboard and its trimmings – glass of wine, fresh, crusty bread, a spoonful of chutney – is more than the sum of its parts; it’s nostalgia and it’s a familiar ritual that I want people to still be able to enjoy. I try to capture not only the flavours, but also the rustic visual beauty of traditional dairy cheese and its aesthetic shapes and forms, but in vegan versions.

My approach is to keep the process as pure as possible – leaving it to the various fermentation cultures and processes to create a subtle variety of flavours rather than by adding extra flavours in. At the same time, weโ€™re in the midst of the pioneering era of vegan cheese and itโ€™s exciting to try and come up with something entirely new. My aim is to balance the best parts of tradition with the foods and philosophies of the future.

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