Mouse's Favourite create a range of delicious artisan plant-based alternatives to cheese and butter.
We are currently building up stock after the Christmas period and should have our online shop back soon. In the meantime we are re-stocking shops as quickly as possible so it may be quicker to order from them directly. GreenBay will do online delivery and you can check our store locator to see if there is a shop near you.

Hand Made

Made by hand in micro batches, most of our cheeses require 4 weeks of careful nurturing before they are ready. Inspired by classic styles of cheese, an authentic taste is achieved by combining the highest quality organic nuts with traditional cheese-making cultures and processes.

About Us

β€œOne of the unexpected benefits to becoming vegan was that it led me to discover an abundance of new foods and ways of cooking. Fermenting and culturing was part of this and after experimenting with cultured nut cheeses for about 5 years, I decided to start Mouse's Favourite.” – Gabrielle Le Cocq, founder